Hands-on learning is key

Kim Basco is thrilled her five-week placement at the HBSPCA companion animal hospital provided her with so much hands-on learning.

Kim is in the last semester of a two-year Veterinary Technician (VTE) at Seneca College. She will graduate in April.

She was especially grateful for the post because she is particularly interested in shelter medicine and research. She also completed a two-week placement in research at McMaster University.

Kim attended university for psychology and health sciences but decided she wanted to do something different.

Seneca’s two-year diploma program provides students with the knowledge and skills to assist and support veterinary practitioners, public health officers and biomedical research scientists.

Students study a variety of subjects, including nutrition, clinical pathology, microbiology, radiography, anatomy, physiology, and genetics. These studies provide a strong grasp on animal behaviour, nursing, and care. The curriculum is taught by expert faculty who collaborate with students, graduates, and industry professionals on applied research projects in the sector.

Because of her interest in shelter medicine, Kim contacted Volunteer Services at the HBSPCA and was able to procure the placement.

“I really enjoyed it,” Kim said. “It was very hands on. I learned a lot.”

“I really enjoyed having Kim, the veterinary technician student placement with us,” said Dr. Jennifer Farr, Medical Director of the HBSPCA Companion Animal Hospital. “During the several weeks that she spent with us, her enthusiasm was contagious.  She was eager to learn many procedures that have become routine for our staff but were new and exciting for her. “

Kim said she particularly enjoyed being involved in a high volume spay and neuter surgery hospital. She also got to observe the amputation of a cat’s leg. She said the whole operation was really efficient.

She said she appreciated being able to be in the surgery suite and to be allowed to do a lot.

“And there was always somebody to ask if you had questions. I felt really supported.”

“It was really nice to be reminded of how awesome our profession is,” Dr. Farr continued. “Kim was also able to participate in two Pet Health Outreach Clinics.

Kim will be a great veterinary technician wherever her career takes her. I hope that we were able to inspire Kim to consider continued participation in shelter or outreach veterinary work after graduation. “

Kim’s interest in animals isn’t only professional. She grew up with animals and has always had a dog. She and her extended family have three dogs and three cats.

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