With a love like ours for pets, it’s not surprising that we are constantly creating new ways to enrich their lives while they’re in our care. This isn’t simply a shelter; it’s the home before their furever home. And that means it should be loving, caring, and nurturing, too. 

We’ve introduced special water fountains for all of the felines in our care. And they do so much more than keep them hydrated and happy. These fountains encourage natural behaviours—like hunting, chasing, climbing. Pursuit of water matters. When cats are encouraged to behave naturally, they cope better with daily stressors and tend to be more social when families come by to visit. 

Our cats would love more fountains in the near future. 

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Speaking of love, remember Diva? We’re happy to report that she is recovering remarkably well and is figuring out life on three legs like an absolute champ. In fact, she’s now enjoying small daily walks and feeling like the most popular girl around—volunteers have been incredibly generous with their creativity. Diva gets lots of enrichment activities, such as puzzle feeders, toys, hide and seek, and find it games. Her Husky head and heart are happy. Side note: Diva is still on the hunt for a furever home. 

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