A local woman was gifted a kitten—Olivia —a sweet, rambunctious little feline. Unfortunately, it became clear to her very early on that Olivia was gravely ill and required care that she could not afford to give. With love and hope, this woman surrendered Olivia to the HBSPCA so that she could receive the medical care she desperately needed.

On a purse-strung budget, the HBSPCA surgically repaired Olivia’s rectal prolapse and provided post-operative care including close monitoring, routine exams, and special diet administration. After a stay with the HBSPCA, we’re thrilled to share that Olivia has found her furever home! 

Shortly after, we welcomed another pet in need of medical care. Diva the Siberian Husky was surrendered to the HBSPCA following a house/garage fire. We were told she was around 9 months old but after examination, it was determined that she was likely closer to 2 years of age. 

When she arrived, Diva displayed some discomfort in her left hind leg, and loss of muscle mass. During her initial exam the Veterinarian could feel clicking and grinding at Diva’s knee joint. X-rays showed a significant bony callous on her tibial crest and distal femur, and her left patella was misshapen and had significant degenerative joint disease (arthritis).  We’re not sure what type of injury resulted in these changes but the arthritis was causing Diva significant discomfort in her stifle joint and our veterinarian advised amputation of the limb to relieve Diva’s chronic pain. 

While she is still very much recovering, Diva is the life of the party around here. We love seeing her living her best dog life. When she’s fully recovered, Diva will be available for adoption. So if you’re already falling in love, keep in touch and check back next month for her progress! She’s got so much love to give to a furever home in the future.

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