Going green for the love of dogs

Animal lovers enjoy nothing more than seeing dogs outside, running and playing and enjoying the sunshine in a natural environment.

A Stoney Creek company, AGL Grass, has partnered with the HBSPCA to provide just that for the animals in our care.

AGL Grass, a Kennel Guardianship participant, is one of the longest-standing companies in the artificial grass landscaping industry, bringing over 30 years of experience to redefining landscaping for homes, schools and playgrounds, pet parks, commercial businesses, and more.

In 2023, AGL installed 5,400 sq. ft. of artificial grass to enhance the quality of life for long-term dogs as part of the HBSPCA`s outdoor enrichment program.

This initiative was driven by the desire to reduce stress and boredom among the dogs during their stay, providing them with the best possible experience. The introduction of this specially designed space has proven to be an invaluable addition, offering a range of activities and opportunities for the dogs to engage with staff and enjoy their time off-leash.

Phil Scordino, AGL`s Creative Director, says the grass allows the dogs to run around outside and exercise in a clean environment – no more muddy paws!

`The dogs love it,`he says, `They run around and roll in it, rubbing their faces. It`s just great to see. `

Safety, durability and maintenance were large priorities for the dogs and staff and AGL Grass’ K9 Artificial Grass was perfect for the job.

The non-infill grass blade technology enables staff to easily keep the new play areas clean with a simple scoop and a rinse with the hose, if need be, after the pups have done their business, eliminating the need to hire professionals to keep the grass looking fresh and clean.

AGL Grass was established in Stoney Creek more than 30 years ago and began in sports field applications, later introducing artificial grass for residential and commercial properties. They have other locations throughout North America, notably in some US states where temperatures and weather conditions make keeping real grass surfaces a challenge.

But staffers at AGL consider this partnership with the HBSPCA as more than a business proposition, it`s also a love of animals. The owner has four dogs and Phil has a cat, rescued from the HBSPCA, and a little shihtzu.

`We were more than happy to make this outdoor enrichment program work, ‘Phil says. ‘and look forward to our continued partnership in bettering the lives for these animals.’

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