HBSPCA Awarded PEDIGREE Foundation Grant

Boosting Dogs’ Adoptability with Obedience Training

The Hamilton/Burlington SPCA (HBSPCA) is pleased to announce it has been awarded a $10,000 grant from PEDIGREE Foundation to increase the likelihood of successful adoptions through obedience training for dogs in the organization’s adoption program.

This grant will be used in the HBSPCA’s Obedience Training and Adoption program to deliver obedience training to foster dogs with the goal of enhancing their adoptability to help more dogs find long-term loving homes.  The training helps reduce behavioural challenges, helps foster dogs build confidence and regain trust, and strengthens the bond between the dog and their future parent to increase the likelihood of a successful adoption, preventing the dog’s return to the shelter.

“On behalf of our staff, volunteers and community, we extend a big thank you to PEDIGREE Foundation for your support of the HBSPCA’s efforts to help dogs in our foster program find their forever homes,” said John Gerrard, CEO, HBSPCA. “The HBSPCA is honoured to be one of only ten 2023 Canadian grant recipients from PEDIGREE Foundation and its Canadian Grant Program.”

“We know that dogs with basic obedience skills are more likely to be adopted and with the support of PEDIGREE Foundation, the HBSPCA can increase the number of dogs in our foster program receiving obedience training,” said Karen Reichheld, Director of Animal Care, HBSPCA. “Obedience training benefits not only the dogs and their future parents, but also eases the transition from shelter to foster care, and from foster care to their forever home.  The broader community also benefits through increased safety as well as more healthy, happy dogs available for adoption.”

Lyric is part of the first class of PEDIGREE Foundation graduates, she started her obedience training November 22nd and will graduate on January 10th. Thereafter, PEDIGREE Foundation graduates will complete obedience training each month through the end of 2024.  See more about Lyric HERE