April 23, 2020

Hello Friend of the Animals

It has been a tough week for Canadians, and more so for Nova Scotians. Our hearts go out to the families and communities in and around Portapique. The weight of an incomprehensible tragedy amidst the pandemic is almost unfathomable. May the millions of virtual hugs warm the hearts of affected families, friends and communities.

It is National Volunteer Week and even in the times of COVID-19, HBSPCA volunteers are keeping distance, staying connected and making a difference every day, all for the animals.

20 foster families are sheltering 25 pet companions, soon to be on their way to forever homes.  Some 150 registered colony caregivers are keeping an eye on street cats, checking health and safely feeding and watering; supporters rallied and have sent or hand delivered cat food for colony caregivers for pick up at curbside. Dog walkers are socialising and exercising Hana, Genie and Mimi in care at the shelter. And  Wendy, Lorraine and Barb are helping process donations and lottery ticket purchases, and thanking our donors

Volunteers and donations are keeping service to community active every day.

We Remember Volunteers Making a Difference in the time of the Italian Greyhounds

Among the recovery miracles volunteers have, helped make happen was in the time of 144+ Italian Greyhounds (IGs) removed from deplorable circumstances in October 2012. All hands were on deck for several months as the dogs were housed, fed, watered, socialised, and restored to health. Volunteers were on site assisting with kenneling, fostering, rehabilitation, and eventually, matching the IGs with forever homes.  And volunteers raised funds for supplies, surgeries, and more.

Just recently, adopters PM and RM shared their story about Sully, one of the Greyhounds.

I just want to send a note to first thank you for all that you do. Also, I wanted to let you know that Sullivan (one of the 144) is doing great.

He will be 10 this May (or thereabouts, who knows?) and we are still living in Edmonton. He is a pretty tough little dude. We had a day in January where Edmonton was colder than Antarctica. The zoo here would not let the penguins go outside. Sully still went out to pee. We tell him he is tougher than a penguin. And don’t worry; he has heated mats to pee on and we bought him one of those systems you put on decks.

Sully has been just the best dog.  He gives great hugs and travels everywhere with us. He has been on  about 75 plane flights. He prefers business class because they serve us hot meals. He has been to Florida 3X, Atlanta, Phoenix, Ottawa, Victoria a few times, and Halifax. We are often back in Sarnia where we lived when we adopted him.

He is like a heat seeking missile when the sun is out and can always find that spot of warmth to curl up in. He is food obsessed and has terrible table manners😊. Oh, and he hates going for walks.  Anyway, thank you again for all your hard work. Rest assured we love Sullivan more everyday and spoil him like crazy, Next time we are back we will bring him in for a visit.

How fortunate for Sully.  Rescued, Restored, and Rehomed.  Donors make it possible, every day.

Here are some of the ways you can help

Compassionate boarding is one of the critical ways your local shelter is serving community in the times of COVID-19 alongside preventing pet emergencies, fixing pet emergencies and ensuring no animal leaves this world in pain and distress. You can help.

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OR, if you are able, please support the Hamilton/Burlington SPCA with a donation of any size.


In these uncertain times, I thank you for continuing to support pets and their families.

I wish you, your family and your neighbours good health.


Marion Emo
President and CEO
Keeping Distance Staying Connected.

If you have already donated, thank you.