May 22, 2020

Dear Friend of the Animals

In the times of COVID-19, your shelter continues to support pet companions at risk and help pet families make decisions about their pets in these times of stress and change. At the heart of these discussions are solutions that give “voice” to pets’ well being.

Finding another way

It’s not uncommon for pet families to arrive at the shelter, overwhelmed with care. Thor’s family arrived with a request for humane euthanasia. Thor had previously been treated for urinary issues yet there was no improvement. The family thought he was blocked; they had exhausted their funds in the times of COVID; and, they felt there were no options given treatment had made no difference.  On examination, the Companion Animal Hospital team discovered that Thor was not blocked and that he would require some minor medical intervention, and that he would require a prescription diet for the remainder of his life. Thor’s family was thrilled to have him treated, and Thor was signed over to care.

There is help for pet families like Thor’s family. The conversation starts with – “What would help you keep your pet? Let’s look at what’s needed and what can be done”, and then, “what’s the right solution for you?” No one option is right for every pet and their family.  At the Hamilton/Burlington SPCA, all treatable conditions are treated. There is a place for end-of-life support, only at the end of life.

Today, Thor  – the orange tabby – is lounging at home with his new found friends. Lucky Thor.

Yes, there are homes for aging felines

Last week, Lori’s sister in law contacted the shelter.  Her husband was recently hospitalized and Lori (not her real name) would be going to reside in a long-term care home. Would the shelter help rehome 7  cats, all about 8 years, social and well cared for? Yes, very much so. This is our promise – all will be rehomed. The cats are arriving in stages at the shelter; the first three all require dental work to alleviate pain and suffering prior to rehoming.

A change in living arrangement is very hard, especially when one is aging. Missing one’s pets is hard. Lori hopes to keep one with her.  The HBSPCA covenant is – no pet life behind. We’re here to help.

Donors make possible health checks, medical interventions, and medical surgeries every day in the Companion Animal Hospital. In addition to sustaining ready and robust instruments, medicines, and more, personal protective equipment (PPE) is a priority and will continue to be the “new normal”. Masks, gloves, gowns and face shields are everyday practice in the Companion Animal Hospital. And donors help sustain these supplies.

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On behalf of the animals you support, I wish you health and safety.


Marion Emo
President and CEO
Keeping Distance Staying Connected.