Autumn has arrived and has ushered in fall colors, crisp apples and warm afternoons in the sun. Just the tonic we need in the Times of COVID. And yet there are other things that don’t change, and don’t we wish they would.  Abandoned and neglected animals are in our communities still.

Last week, an abandoned family – Mom and 5 puppies – came into the shelter needing a safe place to land. Our young mama is a medium size mixed breed and her brood on arrival was estimated to be about 3 weeks young.

Mama – named Autumn – is scared and a bit overwhelmed but incredibly sweet. It will be awhile before her true personality emerges; is she shy? playful? willful? Patience and lots of love are the best medicine. She is already starting to come out of her shell.  Autumn’s first heartworm test results were negative. She will have a second test within a couple of weeks.

Autumn is a wonderful mom to her puppies – 2 girls and 3 boys – and happily they appear healthy.  Each will be spayed or neutered when they are about 8 weeks of age and will begin their hunt for a forever family at that time. Likely these adorable furballs will be in their forever homes before Autumn is confident and comfortable around people and with her forever family.

The Annual Fall Lottery is one way you can support Autumn and her family. In the last 4 years, the Fall Lottery has raised $140,000.00 dollars for abandoned animals like Autumn.  Fundraised dollars and donor funds keep the Companion Animal Hospital well equipped, pharmaceuticals on the shelves, food in the pantry, kennels warm and dry, and caregivers trained to rehab and rehome pet companions. As staff and volunteers have said for a few years now – when you play, the animals always win

Discover more about the Fall Lottery at /donate/lottery-tickets/

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Be Safe. Be Kind.