A love of nursing and animals

Diane was surrounded by animals all of her life and she is so glad her recent volunteer activity allows her to share that love as well as to use some of her professional skills.

Diane became a volunteer at the HBSPCA in October of 2022. She originally applied to work in the animal hospital but there were no positions available there. Instead, she started working in the Fundraising department where she does tasks like mailings, data entry and thank you notes to donors.

She says she stayed in the Fundraising role because it was fun, and she enjoyed the camaraderie. Always willing to help out, she also does the displays around the building for various holidays.

Diane worked as a nurse on the surgical floor at Joseph Brant Hospital in Burlington for about 18 years.

She says, because she was busy caring for her elderly mother, volunteering was an outlet – something she could do for herself.

This year, a role became available in the animal hospital and Diane is now volunteering for the HBSPCA two days a week.

Working in the companion animal hospital is “exciting,” she says. “It’s busy, it’s rewarding, and I get to use some of my nursing skills,” she says.

The Companion Animal Hospital serves more than 50 animals each day when our veterinarian, with the support of our amazing medical team, spay and neuter approximately 25 animals, says Karen Reichheld, Director of Animal Care at the HBSPCA.

We receive critically ill animals removed by PAWS (the provincial protection agency) for emergency examinations, diagnostic services and lifesaving treatment. Other programs such as microchip by appointment and wellness clinics bring some of the animals we serve every day, not to mention caring for more than 150 animals under our care at any given time. The Companion Animal Hospital is an exciting and hopping place to be.

Companion animal hospital volunteers support the medical staff. They assist with surgery set up, monitor vitals, clean ears, place e collars on the pets during recovery, clean surgical instruments, do laundry and fold surgical greens for sterilization.

Diane, who lives in Stoney Creek, has an adult daughter Alysha, a year-old shih tzu Madison – aka Maddie – and a four-year-old rescue cat Isabelle.

A definite perk of the job is that Maddi gets to come with Diane on days when she’s working in Fundraising, and she enjoys being spoiled by all of the other staff and volunteers.

Diane has found a spot where she can use her skills and demonstrate her on-going love for animals. Thanks, Diane!

Are you ready to join our volunteer team?  View openings here https://www.hbspca.com/get-involved/volunteer/