A fit of skill and compassion

Jennifer has found a rewarding volunteer position that combines her existing skills with her compassion for people and her love for animals.

Jennifer has been working as a reception volunteer at the HBSPCA for the past year. She loves it so much she is happy to step up and take shifts when others cancel.

Jennifer worked as an HR specialist for Hamilton Health Sciences for 20 years before she retired in September 2020. Retiring mid-pandemic wasn’t a lot of fun and she was grateful when volunteer opportunities opened up again in recent years.

Jennifer says the role is an ideal fit for her. She loves animals and has two cats Leeroy, 5, and Liam, five months, both from the SPCA. As importantly, she is so impressed by the work the SPCA does in the community “The SPCA does wonderful things,” she said.

In her role at reception, Jennfer says it is a different day every day. She gets to see animals get adopted and sees pets being brought in for spay/neuter services.

“It’s really rewarding,” she says. “You feel good at the end of the shift. It’s fulfilling and it makes me smile and feel good.”

She loves being around animals and the staff joke not to let her hold those kittens for too long. Jennifer says the staff are awesome and really appreciate her and other volunteers.

Being a compassionate and caring person helps her in the role, Jennifer says, as she loves to make the SPCA a welcoming place to the public.

“It’s a perfect fit,” she said. “Being able to do work that supports animals who are well cared for is so important.”

Thank you, Jennifer, for all you do the make the SPCA a welcoming and inclusive place!

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