She’s the first voice of welcome

Tracy has volunteered at the HBSPCA for less than a year and already she has made a major contribution.

Tracy does two shifts a week in volunteer recruitment, interviewing prospective volunteers, checking references, and setting up job placement times.

“I like to say that I have the most important job here” she says, “Because I am matching volunteers up to the important work being done here at the HBSPCA.  I’m the first voice of welcome to prospective volunteers.”

Tracy started in February and is famous for always being late to leave her shift because she’s always doing one more thing.

She says much of her role is trying to get a good fit, meeting the needs of both the applicant and the HBSPCA.

“I’m looking for someone with a caring heart, the will to give back and who wants to work hard,” she says. “You can train someone to do a job, but you can’t teach a kind heart and a good attitude.”

Melissa Foley, Director, Volunteer Services & Program Partnerships at the HBSPCA had the following to say about Tracy.

“Although I only recently joined the HBSPCA, I was immediately impressed by Tracy and her dedication to the organization. Tracy not only excels in her role in the volunteer department, but she played an instrumental role in its growth since early 2023 and will be pivotal to its future.

Her energy is contagious and her commitment to ensuring nothing is overlooked is inspiring. Tracy is an incredible asset to the organization and the perfect candidate to welcome new volunteers, offering them fantastic support and encouragement. I am very fortunate to have the pleasure of working alongside her.”

While she’s an animal lover, Tracy says she’s not bothered that she’s not working directly with the animals.

“Although I’m not working with the animals, I am making it possible for others to give them the best possible care.” she says. “If I worked in the kennels, I’d be tempted to take them all home with me.”

Tracy retired recently from John Deere, a large farm equipment company, in the global office, designing business processes and purchasing IT solutions.

She had volunteered at a wildlife rehab centre but had to leave due to her busy work travel schedule.

She has had dogs, cats, rabbits, and all kinds of critters her whole life. Tracy lost her German shepherd Sukie in June and is still grieving her loss but is happy to babysit her neighbour’s border collie, Dawn, her grand puppy Pepper and grand kitties Nyx and Gaia whenever she can.

Tracy and her husband Peter have three grown children and two grandchildren and are enjoying their retirement in the country.

She says she loves her job at the HBSPCA.  “It’s fun and rewarding work and I get pleasure out of being part of this great organization of fantastic people who are devoted to helping animals.”

The HBSPCA is so appreciative for the amazing work that Tracy is doing!

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